Designing accessories for high school and college-age young women initially seemed daunting. Having worked in various fields across design categories, I love the challenge of getting up to speed in a new category through intensive research, fast. I read Teen Vogue, talked to marketing for the latest event recaps, and conducted market analysis to better understand the brand and its consumers to effectively develop new products.  

For the launch of backpacks I added brand-specific features like rhinestones and sequins over graphics; weekender bags were updated with appliqué and fresh silhouettes. During a three-year period, I was at the forefront of accessories design, developing bags that I still see being used at airports and around the city. Highlights included surpassing $1M in backpack sales alone during a single weekend, and designing one-offs like an LED-lit bag and plush PINK dog handbags for runway shows. Fast fashion but with long-lasting memories for young women who embrace the brand from head to toe.

高校生、大学生をターゲットとしたアクセサリーの商品開発は、最初は途方もなく難しく感じられたが、彼らのライフスタイルや趣味をあらゆる角度から調査することで成功をおさめることができました。デザイン力とマーケット力の融合で、バックパックの売り上げは週末だけで100万ドルを超えるほど大ブレイク! 毎年行われていたファッションショーでは限定1点という作品も発表できました。ファストファッションですが、購入してくださったお客様が上から下まで全身コーディネートしてくれたことは嬉しい!

Imagining socks as a canvas with infinite possibilities was my way of approaching them as a 360-degree design problem. Keeping an open mind in any industry is always a challenge, but by incorporating trends from fashion, art, and even sports cars, I was able to create vibrant, current sock designs that filled a gap in the brand while staying true to its heritage. I redesigned the Polo Sport line with fashion-forward product to complement the clothing division and strengthen overall brand identity.  

It’s rare to have the opportunity to work alongside fashion legends, and to see how their grand vision is distilled into the little details that define the brand. Jerry Lauren’s interpretation of tie patterns was a continued source of inspiration for our socks, and the founder of HotSox’s ability to work with factories to bring our challenging designs to life taught me to keep pushing until your visions are realized.

毎日履く靴下は、私にとって無限大の可能性を秘めた360度のキャンバス。ラルフローレンブランドの歴史、模様、レインボー色を使い、メンズやPolo Sportのコレクションをデザイン。ジェリーローレン氏とHotSoxの創始者と共に仕事をすることで、グローバルなファッションブランドの構築を学ぶ刺激的な経験となった。

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