From never having heard of the Muppets to watching years’ worth of shows to study the unique personality of each character, I had the great fortune to work with amazing licensors in the toy industry. From Sesame Street to Hello Kitty to Shrek to the Simpsons to Family Guy, each has a unique history and connection for consumers from children to adults.

Designing toys brought a smile everywhere from the studio to meetings to consumers, which is very special in this field. One of the most magical moments was a Muppets plush launch event at Barnes & Noble, where children hugged plush Kermit the Frogs I had designed while excitedly talking to the “real” Kermit host as if he was their best friend.

セサミストリート(Sesame Street)やマペット・ショー(Muppet Show)で知られているジム・ヘンソン(Jim Henson)、ハローキティ、シュレック(Shrek)などのライセンスを使った新しい玩具の展開に貢献。玩具をデザインする経験は、常に楽しさに満たされていました。アイデアを出している過程や打ち合わせなどの間、そして玩具を購入してくださるお客様にも、笑顔をもたらすことができました。私にとって特別な思い出となった業界です。

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