Dakota Jackson

Introducing new elements to an established furniture brand is challenging. Dakota sought that magic moment when you first see a beautifully designed piece of furniture. The “Bump” chair, the very first I designed, was successful in bringing a fresh aesthetic to his renowned line. The white seat is delicately perched on thin bent plywood legs, wrapped by polished stainless steel armrests. Over the next three years, I continued to design, fabricate and upholster a new series of chairs, tables and cabinets.

Whether it was visiting the Steinway & Sons piano factory for their centennial project or presenting Mary Tyler Moore with her custom dining table, there was no shortage of memorable moments.

確立した家具会社で新しい椅子をデザインすることは、美大卒業後すぐ、下積みなしに携わるのは結構大変なこと。ダコタ・ジャクソン(Dakota Jackson)は家具を最初に見た時に心に響くマジック(魔法な瞬間)を求めていた。私が最初に手掛けた「バンプ(Bump)」椅子はダコタのその思いに応え、皮張りのシートは細いプライウッドの上にバランス良く乗り、磨かれたアームレストは椅子をゆりかごのように覆いました。それから3年間、工場で椅子、テーブル、キャビネットをデザインし続け、サンプルの制作も担当。

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