Martha Stewart

It was a dream come true to work directly with Martha to develop categories she pioneered: garden, storage and organization, and furniture. On visits to her Bedford, NY house, Martha introduced me to her collection of faux bois planters and recently acquired antiques, which served as the inspiration for new products.  

There is no better education in garden product design than walking through Martha’s greenhouse and grounds while she articulates her likes, dislikes, and needs. I was able to experience firsthand why she surrounds herself with certain objects, and how to distill her dreamed-of designs into products that filled a void in the market.

Martha’s own closet in her contemporary West Village apartment was the direct inspiration for the adaptable, modular systems I developed with California Closets. Her boundless curiosity and vast knowledge across a range of categories helped expand my repertoire as a designer. Best memories include arriving at her home early one morning for a garden show to be greeted with farm-fresh scrambled eggs and freshly baked bread!



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