Whale Butter Dish

Whale Butter Dish is a collaboration between New York City designer Akira Yoshimura and Japanese manufacturer Sanomasa. It holds a 200g stick of butter as if the whale has swallowed it in one huge gulp. The entire process from modeling, casting, polishing, and coating to the engraved eyes, is done in the city of Takaoka, famous for its metalwork, in Toyama prefecture, Japan.

The benefits of cast aluminum include thermal conductivity, allowing it to get cold fast, as well as the durability to be refinished. The tray is inscribed with 10g measurements to aid in cooking and baking. The whale’s jaw edges allow the body to sit above the table surface for cleanliness and ease of use. With its beautifully handcrafted brass spout, we hope this dish will become a whimsical and useful addition to your dining table.Please wash with a pH-neutral detergent.


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